Mantinara Don Herman

Cultivar name Mantinara Don Herman (Mtn. Don Herman)
Former name Epilaeliocattleya Don Herman
Epicatanthe Don Herman
Parents Laeliocattleya Gold Digger (= Laelocattleya Red Gold (Guarianthe aurantiaca (Cattleya aurantiaca) Laelocattleya Charlesworthii (= Sophronitis cinnabarina (Laelia cinnabarina) × Cattleya dowiana)) × Cattleya Warpaint (= Cattleya Tango × Guarianthe aurantiaca (Cattleya aurantiaca))) × Epidendrum stamfordianum
Note  Photo of Mantinara Don Herman 'Freckles' below is that of an orchid (as Epilaeliocattleya Don Herman 'Freckles') which was cultivated by Madame Kazuyo Sasaki and displayed at the Orchid Show 2008 in Spa Resort Hawaiians (Fukushima Prefecture, Japan).

Mantinara Don Herman
Mantinara Don Herman
'Gold Rush'
November 2008
at Spa Resort Hawaiians
February 2009
at an Orchid Nursery