Gomesa Milky Way

Cultivar name Gomesa Milky Way (Gom. Milky Way)
Synonyms Oncidium Milky Way (Onc. Milky Way)
Parents Gomesa flexuosum (Syn. Oncidium flexuosum (Onc. flexuosum)) × Gomesa Kanoa (Syn. Oncidium Kanoa (Onc. Kanoa))
Note Photo of Gomesa Milky Way (Oncidium Milky Way) below is that of an orchid which was cultivated by Mr. Eiichiro Sekine and displayed at the Orchid Show 2009 in Minuma Green Center (Saitama Prefecture, Japan).

 Gomesa Milky Way
January 2009
at Minuma Green Center