Catyclia Thumper McClain

Cultivar name Catyclia Thumper McClain (Cty. Thumper McClain)
Former name Epicattleya Thumper McClain (Epc. Thumper McClain)
Parents Cattleya Little Angel × Encyclia tampensis (Epidendrum tampense (Epi. tampense))
Reference  Epc. Thumper McClain
Encyclia tampensis
Note  Photo of Catyclia Thumper McClain below is that of an orchid (as Epicattleya Thumper McClain) which was cultivated by Mr. Motokazu Nakahara and displayed at the Orchid Show 2009 in Ibaraki Prefecture Botanical Garden.

 Catyclia Thumper McClain
January 2009
at Ibaraki Prefecture
Botanical Garden